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New CD nearly finished, probably ready February 2019
The Ogres Hummingbird.
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The Ogres Hummingbird

Featuring Kara Burke on vocals, Joanne Robinson on keyboards, kathryn Robinson on electric guitars, and Alan.s.Robinson on acoustic guitars.
This CD is availble in the UK
for 3 including P+P
Payment by cheque, postal order or Fredo chocolate bars. Cheques should be made payable to Alan.s.Robinson and sent to Alan.s.Robinson, 3 Alandene Ave, watnall, Notts, NG16 1HH - be sure to include your name and address.
For delivery to the international space station and the out lying regions of the solar system, please email for a quote. Regretfully I no longer post to Alpha Centauri.

The Ogres Hummingbird.
The Hundred Acre Wood.

Alan.s.Robinson live 2019

Saturday 2nd of Feb - Central Library Nottingham Long Row 1:30- John Hardy, 2:00 - Alan.s.Robinson, 2:30 - Bill Kerry III, 3:00 - Paul Carbuncle
Thursday the 21st of February The Head of Steam Nottingham Kalem Cutts (I'm playing accompaniment) plus other acts.
Friday the 22nd of February The Last Post Uttoxeter Road Derby, The Ogres Hummingbird plus Alan.s.Robinson
Friday March the 29th The Cross Scythes Sheffield Treebeard, MarcatoAlan.s.Robinson/Kalem Cutts
Wednesday the 3rd of April The Forrest Sheffield half hour in open mic.

In the footsteps of an ass
An ebook by Alan.s.Robinson

Available on Amazon for free download between the 6th of October and the 10th of October 2017. Then for 85 days at astromical price until I can make it availbel for free agian. Clicking on the picture below should take you to the Amzon page.

Customer reviews from Amazon
"I found his ramblings and peculiar and childish sense of humour totally spoilt the book." Mr. Bruce
"The man is an ass!" S. Taylor


I thought there would be time
The captain of my destiny
I guess its my time to be lonely

20 track double CD. Price 3 including UK P+P. Payment by cheque, postal order or magic beans. Cheques should be made payable to Alan.s.Robinson and sent to Alan.s.Robinson, 3 Alandene Ave, watnall, Notts, NG16 1HH - be sure to include your name and address.

To download tracks from the album in MP3 format free of charge please click here.

To complain about how crap any of this material is email me.

Click on image for track listing and details. Picture cover for the album The Pennyweight Love by Alan.s.Robinson


Hello people

and other things.

What is it?
A singer songwriter.
Where can it be found?
Under stones, in small streams.
Is it contagious?
Not very.
Will it affect my dole?
How can I avoid contamination?
Wear wellies and rubber gloves at all times.
Can it be cured?
Yes. After all they cure ham.
Does it bite?
Only if provoked.


The Variety club Radford Notts

In a former incarnation I was the side kick in a lewd and crude comedy duo. Do not visit the site below if you are offended by nudity or nuns.
Official Variety Club Radford Nottingham web site.