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In the footsteps of an ass

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A light hearted account of a walk along the Robert Louis Stevenson Trail in southern France, following in the footsteps of the author of Treasure Island and Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. When Stevenson set off in the late1870's to walk from Le Monastier to St Jean it was to collect material that formed the basis of his early book 'Travels with a Donkey in the CÚvennes'. The route of Stevensons' meandering travels is now an established long distance trail. This is an account of my meandering thoughts as I followed in the footsteps of Stevenson and his donkey.
Reader reviews
"I found his ramblings and peculiar and childish sense of humour totally spoilt the book" Mrs Bruce
" found the grammatical errors irritating ... ,antisocial and insular,his eating habits only reinforce the fact this guy is not playing with a full deck. ....... the mistakes were childlike and irritating" P.F.Lambert
"The man is an ass!" S. Taylor

Dracula in the North

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An account of the hitherto unrecorded visit of the vampire Count Dracula to Scotland, along with miscellaneous reminisces about his childhood, his youth, and his adult life prior to his vampirastion.

The Vampire Midge

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The story of what happened when a Scottish midge encountered the vampire Count Dracula. It has long been supposed that the blood sucking midges of Scotland have their origin in an encounter between Count Dracula and a native Scottish midge, whereby Dracula in the form of a bat, bit a midge turning it into a vampire midge that then infected all the other midges of Scotland creating a nation of vampire midges. This is all so much hokum. The true story of Count Dracula and the vampire midge is set out in the pages below in order to debunk this myth. It could have been set out in a single paragraph but where would be the fun in that.