The Fishpond Matlock Bath Derbyshire 20th March 2003
guitarist alan robinson performing at the fishpond matlock bath in front of a backdrop decoratyed with a fish
Singer alan robinson at the fishpond matlock bath
guitarist alan robinson at the fishpond matlock bath
"Some day son your name wil be in..... CHALK, Bloomin chalk"
how exciting, a picture of a chalk board with the name Alan Robinson on it

Conclusive proof Johnny B Good never played Matlock Bath

Alan Robinson live at
The Fishpond matlock Bath 20th March 2003

This was my second and last performace at the Fishpond. My first appearance had been marked by my turning up with a large comic book black eye, unable to see through it and relying on the pain killers to get through (unfortunately there was not enough pain killers for the audinece as well). I guess I was allowed back because they assumed the shambolic nature of my first performance was the consequence of my injuries. There was no fooling them, second time.

Photo of Michael Robinson and Richard Paine at the Fishpond pub in Matlock Bath

The above picture shows my brother Michael Robinson (universally refered to as Mick) and my friend Richard Paine (commonly called Pav) at the gig.