The Pennyweight Love - Alan.s.Robinson.


New album released November 2011

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Disk A

1 I thought there would be time 8.4 MB
2 The captain of my destiny 10.2 MB
3 I guess it’s my time to be lonely 12 MB
4 I remember that walk 14.2 MB
5 Heartache country 12.6 MB
6 The pennyweight love 14.2 MB
7 Jump in the river 10 MB
8 I don’t know how the heart survives 9 MB
9 Everything you need is here 13.2 MB
10 You don’t love me anymore 14.2 MB
11 The hawk is hooded 7.9 MB
12 A long way to travel 10.9 MB

Disk NOT A

13 Damned wild roses 12.9 MB
14 O poison heart 10.8 MB
15 Walk right on 13.7 MB
16 Never going to smile the same again 7 MB
17 What are you looking for now 10.8 MB
18 If you would take my advice 13.3 MB
19 Nothing left now but the hatred 11.6 MB
20 When too much has been spoken 17.9 MB

Recorded in Watnall, Nottinghamshire, England, between May 2009 and August 2011
All songs written by Alan.s.Robinson except “Everything you need” by Cookie/R.Terry additional lyrics by Alan.s.Robinson.
Cookie – bass 1,2,3,7,12,13
and backing vocals 1,2,5,7
Joanne Robinson – keyboards 3,5,6,13
Kate Robinson – electric guitar 3,5,6,13
Kara Burke – backing vocals 2,3,5,6,11,13
I played summat anaw

If you have any problems downloading these MP3's please email me so I can try and sort it out.

NB Below is not a picture of the Tin the physical album comes in. It is the picture from which the Tin was designed.

Picture cover for the album The Pannyweight Love by Alan.s.Robinson

The physical 20 track double CD in presentation tin can be purchased in the UK by snding a cheque or Postal Order for £2.50 (including P+P) made payable to Alan.s.Robinson and sent to Alan.s.Robinson, 3 Alandene Ave, Watnall, Notts, NG16 1HH - send an email first to check it is still in stock.