Canute - a song by Alan Robinson

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Picking pattern P I M A M I M A
             or P I M A  for short chords
e-7 is in 2nd inversion , other chords all root postion.i.e X2OO3O
1st F chord is a half barre , 2nd is full barre

a-             F        G             C          e-7     a-
    Maybe it's time, to recognise the world, for what it is
    G     F      a-              G
and not believe,     it is as we wish
a-                     F         G       C
    though I would not claim, to see the truth 
     e-7 a-      G      F      a-            G
with any clear divining light,    I perceive this
a-     e-7   C      D      e- (CII)  D
I will never be the man I    want to be
a-     e-7   C        D        e- (CII)    D
I will never find the courage    hidden in me
a-     e-7   C      D
I will never open up
   a-        e-7     C            D
or brave the fire or taste the cup
a-     e-7   C        D         e- (CII)    D
I will never bare the face and,     take a look

a-         F           G    C          e-7     a-
    I once dreamed, in Eden this, that I would walk
    G      F     a-              G
and if I'd fall,    then I would rise
a-             F          G        C         e-7     a-
   but in this life, I've lived to find,that I can't keep
  G  F    a-              G
reality,     smothered in lies
   a-    e-7      C        D       e- (CII)  D 
It rises like the tide the foolish king    denies
   a-      e-7   C          D     e- (CII)       D
it sinks into my conscience and   will refuse to die
   a-       e-7      C        D
it seeps in when the heart is beating
a-        e-7      C       D
creeps in with the need of needing
a-        e-7        C      D        e- (CII) D      a-
tears the heart from tender hope to       bleeding