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Guanyin or kuanyin pendant necklace 6 inc UK P+P - code BA297
Brass oval pendant decorated with buddhist figure of  kuanyin goddess of mercy Brass oval pendant depicting buddhist wheel of life symbol with eastern writing

Kuan yin / Wheel of life pendant code BA297

This brass kuan yin pendant measures 2.8 cm tall including the hook at the top. The pendant is available either on a wooden bead or chord necklace, or else on its own. The chord necklace is adjustable in length by means of sliding knotts. The bead necklace measures 56cm.

The pendant depicts the Buddhist bodhisattva Kyan Yin ( Guanyin ) on one side and the Buddhist symbol the wheel of life (bhavacakra) on the other side.

Kuan Yin / Guanyin is a Buddhist bodhisattva associated with compassion. In the west Kuan Yin is often referred to as the goddess of mercy.

Should you have any enquiries about this brass Buddha kuan yin pendant please e-mail.