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3 wise buddhas - please choose country
resin figure of 3 wise buddhas ie in the pose of the 3 wise monkeys, one owl with hands over eyes, one with hand over ears, one with hands over mouth

UK sales
Set of 3 wise buddhas, price 16 (including UK postage) - code WM200.
If you wish to purchase more than one set of these 3 wise monkeys 2 can be deduted from each additional set (applies to UK only).

Non UK sales - prices shown include postage.
Set of 3 wise buddhas posted to Europe (excluding Italy) 19
3 sage bouddhas pour l'Europe 19
3 kluge Buddhas fr Europa 19

Set of 3 wise buddhas posted worldwide 23

I regret I cannot post these 3 wise buddhas to Italy.

This set of 3 wise buddhas is made from a hard and heavy ceramic like resin. The 3 wise buddhas figure weighs about 580 grams. The 3 wise buddhas figure measures 7 cm (2.75 inches) tall approximately.

If you have any enquiries about these 3 wise buddhas set please e-mail.

3 kluge Buddhas. Die 3 Weisen Buddhas Figur wiegt ca. 580 Gramm. Die 3 Weisen Buddhas Figur misst 7 cm hoch.

3 sage bouddhas. Le sage figure 3 bouddhas pse environ 580 grammes. Les 3 rois bouddhas chiffre mesure 7 cm de hauteur.